Welcome to Calgary Theme Parties where,"We Believe in Make-Believe." 


Once upon a time, a travelling storyteller used words to create images in the minds of children, both rich & poor.  Exciting tales of tragedy & triumph; love & loyalty; good & evil, entertained children AND adults in past ages. Pirates & princesses; fairies & knights were the main characters in these legends of old.  


Comic book heros & cartoon characters come and go, as do the various superhero characters that are popular for Kids Birthday Parties. Campfire tales about Princesses & Knights, Pirates & Fairies - whispered  through the ages, continue to stand the test of time as the most versatile Theme Party Ideas. Our grandfathers played with wooden swords & our grandmothers "lost" their mothers' high heeled shoes. Even Star Wars has swords & a princess! If our parents and grandparents didn't get  a Theme Party Birthday - they probably wish that they did!


This is why the Calgary Birthday Party Leaders at Calgary Theme Parties, focus on enduring make-believe themes.  We offer Theme Party Packages to Calgary kids that are filled with Great Theme Party Ideas, Theme Birthday Party Activities, & Kids Theme Party Games that are perfect for your Theme Party Birthday.


Our various Calgary Theme Parties allow the Calgary Birthday Child & his or her guests to become Princesses, Pirates, Fairies & Knights. A staple of Theme Parties through the years.


Children who attend a Calgary Theme Party will step into suits of armour, put on princess crowns, don fairy wings & and brandish swords as they step into a fantasy world for a few hours of Birthday Party Fun!







Calgary Theme Parties

Calgary Kids Love Theme Birthday Parties
Calgary Kids Love Theme Birthday Parties